Transparency is key

As fans first and foremost, we understand the importance of keeping your audience in the know. Whether sending an email, organising a press release or offering customer service support, the fans are the focal point for all of our communication strategies.

Knowing what to do is only half of the battle – to successfully communicate with your audience, your messages need to be succinct, consistent and multimodal. At JDG Media, we’ve adopted these principles across all of our work to produce effective results.

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Press releases

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Customer service support

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"Victoria Parkinson, Sparky People Client Services Director"

- JDG Media were integral to the success of Tinsel Town. Through the implementation of the ticketing service, excellent customer service and accurate weekly figure reports, the event ran smoothly, especially during a hectic Christmas period.

"Basketball England"

- We can trust that they deliver quality content, on time, meaning a seamless experience for our audience. Their expertise in the media and their flexibility make them a valuable extra resource to the team.

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