It’s fair to say that 2020 was an unusual year – and it also deprived us of the chance of properly celebrating 10 years in business.

JDG Media was founded in 2010 by James Gordon and over the past decade has serviced more than 100 clients in a variety of sectors, but mainly in sport, producing quality content, websites and digital marketing support.

Here’s a look back at some of the things that have made up the journey.


We started offering content, website and social media services, primarily to the sports industry – with clients including Carling Cup, and Mersey Tigers basketball club.

This was often targeted at those who didn’t have the expertise in-house, or even didn’t have digital channels at all.

Soon that evolved to working with other businesses, often through a connection in sport – such as the solicitor group that owned the cycling insurance brand Velosure and many others.

James Gordon, MD, said: “The world changed massively from 2010 to the end of the decade. At the start, we were offering services to businesses who just didn’t have a website presence or a social media presence at all. Of course, now things are a lot more sophisticated and lots more businesses have in-house digital expertise.

“That’s meant having to evolve what we do over the years to ensure we remained relevant. Like any business, there are routes we’ve gone down that perhaps in hindsight we would have done differently!”

We were highly commended at the Warrington Business Awards
Our client wall in the hallway at Bold Street

JDG Media came highly recommended, and the fact they specialise in sport was a big plus.

Craig Simpson, NEPL

Our office journey

We have had three different homes over the decade, all in Warrington town centre which provides us with fantastic transport links.

It all started at Warrington Business Centre and then when the business expanded, we headed over to a beautiful premises on Bold Street.

As the needs of the business changed, we returned to the serviced office environment at the wonderful Station House, situated right at Warrington Central railway station.

This provides us with a central meeting point for clients, as well as providing accessibility for our staff.

We look forward to returning full-time post COVID!

Did you know? We changed our branding to green after seeing the Bold Street office for the first time!

Thanks to Lucy, Bogdan, Sam, Jonny, Max, Sam, Michael, Rebecca, Josh and the numerous freelancers and placement students that have been part of the JDG story so far.

James Gordon


As well as servicing clients, JDG Media has been responsible for developing some of its own brands.

Most notably is Love Rugby League, which MD James founded prior to JDG. It became a core part of the JDG business, acting as a steer to attract and service clients, including Rhino, Foxy Bingo and Kingstone Press.

At the end of 2017, it was sold to Planet Sport, with James being retained to run editorial.

The Sportbox Media & Marketing brand was introduced in attempt to re-brand the entire business, though this was eventually sold to another agency, Tecmark, in 2014 and became a brand for powering club websites.

JDG still owns and operates several websites, including British Ice Hockey.

“One area I spent a lot of time worrying over was branding, when the reality is that people deal with people – and while branding is of course important, perhaps in the service industry it is more about your reputation and network.

“There was the challenge too of trying to create separation between me and JDG Media as a business so it wasn’t solely reliant on me, which was at times a struggle – but I feel we are now in a position to move forward from that.

“But I’m proud that JDG Media is here after 10 years, and look forward to making it through the next 10!”

The original JDG Media logo
The new logo, adopted in 2013

British Ice Hockey
James now uses JDG Sport for his online moniker

It’s clear that every one at the business is hungry and focused. These are the type of people that I enjoy working with.

Drew Sullivan, Great Britain basketball captain

Client highlights

Too many to mention!

We loved starting some projects from the ground up with clients, especially Velosure, Rhino Skin Armour and Future Sport.

Getting involved with established brands such as Russia Today, Northern Premier League and Basketball England has been fantastic.

And the various different professional clubs we’ve worked with in different sports, notably our local Warrington Wolves and Warrington Town, Glasgow Clan and Swindon Wildcats ice hockey clubs and Manchester Giants and London Lions in basketball, amongst others.

Pictured left: Lucy with professional basketball player and JDG client David Aliu

Working with a wide variety of rugby league sponsors, including Betfred, Foxy Bingo, Kingstone Press, Gatorade and Batchelors has been great too, as was covering the 2013 World Cup so extensively.

We even had a World Cup winner work with us – New Zealand rugby league international Lance Hohaia spent time with us learning digital marketing ahead of his retirement from playing.

We’ve seen clients go from strength to strength, grow so much that we’ve become expendable as they built an in-house team and some that have been clients for virtually our whole 10 years.

To all of them, thank you!

Creating opportunities

A common theme throughout the decade has been providing opportunities to people to get in to the sports and digital industries. As well as having 10 employees over the decade, we have given placements to a number of university students, getting them a foot in the door.

Some of our former staff have moved on to get jobs at Sky Sports, The Hut Group, BBC, Betfred and professional sports clubs.

Josh, pictured right, initially came to JDG on placement and is now a full-time employee

I have James thank for catalysing my career as a writer. I learned much more at JDG Media than my three years at University

Rob Philbin – now Vice President (Earned Media) at Jellyfish


We exhibited at Wembley Stadium for several years as part of the SMMEX – the Sports Merchandising and Marketing exhibition – meeting a host of people from the industry, as well as some future clients.

Our very first taste of exhibitions came in 2011, when we successfully took part in Rugby Expo at Twickenham, where we launched our viral Lego Rugby League video.

As well as that, we have taken part in numerous local events and networking meetings.

Although COVID has hit our 10th year in business, it has helped to re-focus and we look forward to providing digital content and web services to even more customers in the next decade!