One of the main mantras guiding everything we do at JDG Media, and within the sports media industry as a whole.

Business success can be put down to a number of contributing factors – but in the age of digital, content consistency is most certainly king – below, we’ve outlined why!

Trust, credibility, brand identity

Regardless of the nature of your business, creating a wider content strategy and sticking to that strategy is paramount.

Quite often, consistency of posting can lead to increased leads, higher revenue and repeat business – all in a few simple steps.

What type of content are we talking about here? For sports organisations, content includes anything shared across digital channels, including a website.

Written in-house media. Video creation. Graphic design. Social media output. Official communications. All vital components of any top-level sports organisation’s wider digital strategy.

It doesn’t need to be a case of bombarding your audience – even one or two well-crafted posts every day can play a major role in strengthening your online relationship with existing stakeholders and building further brand recognition.

Furthermore, having a steady, consistent output is the starting point for also building relationships with people on social media who are potentially new to your brand.

Long-term growth won’t be defined by one-off results. Yes – a viral tweet may provide slightly increased exposure once in a while, but maintaining your place within the consciousness of the people who matter, your audience, is key to consistent success online – whether that be on social media, websites or any other digital channel you may operate.

For a sports team, think pre and post-match content.

Imagine what would happen if your audience knew exactly when certain pieces of content – whether it be a pre-match interview, match preview article, match report, match photos or a post-match highlights package – would be shared online?

Over time, they’d keep coming back for more, they’d become more trusting of your online activity, and most importantly, they’d become a more active member of your digital community.

Can JDG Media improve your consistency?

As fans first and foremost, we understand the importance of keeping your audience in the know.

Whether sending an email to stakeholders, organising a press release or offering customer service support, the fans are the focal point for all of our communication strategies.

Knowing what to do is only half of the battle – to successfully communicate with your audience, your messages need to be succinct, consistent and multimodal.

At JDG Media, we’ve adopted these principles across all of our work to produce effective results.

Over the years, we have helped sports clubs, leagues and brands in a number of ways:

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